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Valley Colorectal Surgeons is rated 5 out of 5.0 based on 372 ratings.

Emilio Palame
Caring, professional, smart, experienced and communicates well. Could not ask for a better doctor. Gave advice contrary to his financial interests so that also tells me I made the right choice.
Robert Wiener
David Kent
Pam Loew
Nicole Herbert
I took my mom to see Dr. Lake and he was so knowledgeable, compassionate, and humorous, which in that line of work you would need to have some humor to lighten the mood for why you are there. He was patient with the fact she could not hear as well, greatly appreciated that. His staff was very courteous, pleasant and understanding.
Mama Stone (MrsStone2uUnknowns)
Dr. Lake is great: professional, personable, and extremely knowledgeable. His staff is courteous and efficient.
Earl Landau
I was referred to Valley Colorectal Surgeons from my proctologist in Thousand Oaks for a surgery consult. I didn't have to wait long at all in the waiting room. Covid protocols were followed in the office, which is important to me. Proctology issues are not the most comfortable to discuss. My appointment was with Dr. Gingold. He made me feel totally at ease - he obviously realized these issues are uncomfortable. I am going to schedule my surgery and am confident my quality of life will be greatly improved when my problem is corrected.
Cynthia Idell
Dr. Gingold was excellent! Easy to talk to, informative, and explained all my options clearly. The front desk staff was very helpful as were the nurses. Excellent office!!
Walter Cox
Very good doctor, informative, a good humor. Would recommend if asked.
Kit Wang

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